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Presentation at the 40th

Association of Black Psychologists: Spirituality.

The experiences  MaMa Akosua has gathered from years of being a  counselor, educator, businesswoman, nurse,  community organizer, writer, and a parent have taught her many lessons that she  passionately and enjoys sharing. 


Reclaiming their power, decreasing dis-stress, gaining more clarity, learning how to access their innate gifts,  developing better communication, erasing the feeling of being disconnected or alone, and enhancing the ability in many cases to achieve their goals have been some of the results, educators, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs, women, students, and couples have experienced when they participated in her workshops and/or participate in individual or group training sessions.


Are you ready to empower your audience through MaMa Akosua's authentic and inspiring approach?  

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Frequently requested Workshops


Emancipating Your Spirit Series: 

1. Kitchen Wisdom: Unapolegtically Fearless, Focused, and Determined

2. Be at Peace  and not it Pieces: Pulling the Pieces Together

3. Divine Beauty Within/ Self-Control and Self-Confidence

4. What's Eating You: Reclaiming Your Power



• Confronting Aggression through Learning Meditation and Self-control(CALMS)©

• Real--Self-Sufficiency, Education, Love and Freedom (Real SELF)© 

• Health Empowerment Longevity and Prosperity Connections (HELP)

Partial List of Clients:

   I've spoken to the following audiences, among others:

  • Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA-ACL) (keynote)

  • Philadelphia Public high schools (Student enrichment presentations)

  • Imhotep Institute Charter High school (in-service presentation)

  • George School, Newtown, Pennsylvania (Annual MLK Student enrichment  presentations)

  • Chi Eta Phi Sorority ( Retreat keynote)

  • Annual Women Gather Conference (presenter)

  • Association of Black Psychologists (presenter)

  • Harlem Book Fair-Roxbury, Massachusetts (presenter)

  • YWCA of Camden County ( presenter)

  • Genesis Elder Care (Gain Program (Keynote)

  • Roxbury Community College, Boston, Massachusetts (presenter)

  • Women of General Civilization & Social Change (Keynote)

  • Frequency Foods Conference (Decatur  GA( Panelists)

  • Philly Fit Wellness & Health Expo (presenter)

  • Mercy Health Plan of New Jersey (presenter)

  • Annual Happily Natural Day (Richmond, VA) (presenter)

  • Caring People Alliance(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (keynote)

  • Women’s Laborer’s Local 413-Sexual harassment & Offensive Touching Forum( Presenter)

  • Correction Connection, Inc.- Ohio ( Keynote)

  • Nurses House Call (in-service presentation)

  • US Home Care (in-service presentation)

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