Imagination and Wellness Coaching

Everyone has a story, a life path, some clear and unencumbered, others hidden and full of holes and setbacks, some undefined and untraveled. Having good health, more joy, better relationships, prosperity, and being able to move and groove is what most people want. 

Have you ever heard " Man you got it all" or girl, you got it going on" or "your life is so together" yet you know or feel deep within there is something not quite right, something missing or an empty feeling or a feeling like you are rushed and not enough time to do what you truly want to do or you do not know exactly what the feeling is or how to move past feeling stuck or how to say what you really want to say?  


Dreading Monday morning, although you say it is off to work I go, do you have dreams of being anywhere but on the unfulfilling and stressful job? Are you unhappy but have not pinpointed why? Are any of your relationships out-of-balance?  Are you in silent dis-Stress? Are you having a challenge just giving voice to what you truly want? Are you ready to get unstuck? Are you ready to pursue manifesting your goals? If you are unsure or you answered yes to any of these questions, our sessions can help you.


No matter the reason, you deserve—and can have—better. 


We use the term dis-Stress because in actuality positive stressors can add anticipation and excitement to life.  Think of the stress response as a safety mechanism that the body has in place to protect itself.  The response indicates the SpiritMindBody’s ability to adapt to change.  Did you know that Stress can be a turn on?  It can pump you up, energize you, and supply a zest for life.  Stress in a positive light is like spice; in the right proportion, it enhances the flavor of food.  It is also much like flour--add some to gravy or a sauce and the flour adds body; it thickens the mixture; if you add too much, the gravy or sauce becomes glue, pasty.  

Remember in most cases it is not the stressors but your response that is the challenge. On the other hand, think of the stress like a piano, which needs just the right touch to make sweet music, but not so much that the piano sounds out of tune or the strings pop.  Dis-Stress then is the body’s alarm phase: the perceived inability to handle the mounting stimuli (stressors).  Dis-Stress can tie you up in knots.  Ironically, insufficient stress is a depressant.  Dis-Stress triggers a number of psychological and physiological disturbances. 

We can help you move from stuck to unstuck, from being imbalanced to evolving balance, from being in pieces to being in peace!


Though a simpler life, less stress, more leisure time sounds great, yet the worry about how do the bills get paid, what about all the time you put into building a so-called career or getting high paid promotions takes center stage in your thoughts. Therefore, visions of change and imagination are slowly pushed to the back of the mind or  merely forgotten.

The process of change is sometimes more scary than clear, yet extremely worth the journey.


Giving in to frustration, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty becomes a slippery slope to dis-ease and illness

There’s no way in the world you’d give up on yourself.  

Make that decision to change your life, you deserve to be fully happy healthy and whole.

Guess what, you are not alone, and change is definitely possible!

But how do you get there from here?  

Many of my clients comment on how the sessions have helped them to lower their blood pressure,  or better handle family situations or mounting pressure on the job. Many have learned how to live an authentic life: speaking their truth, communicate in and with love in their relationships,  feeling free, relaxed and able to meet challenges head-on, and better prepared to achieve their inner goals and desires.

            As an author, imagination and wellness coach, CEO, nurse, wife. Mother, grandmother I have mastered transformation tools and learned the value of being Unapologetically Fearless, Focused and Determined to live passionately on purpose.


     Through observation, active listening and strategizing in private confidential one-on-one sessions or in groups I help women, health professional, educators, and entrepreneurs to reduce stress and anxiety and to move from dreaming to actualizing their life purpose and goals; from confusion to more clarity; from cluttered to decluttered and organized; from complicated to balanced and simplified living; from scared to self-confident, and from feeling disconnected to Healthy Reconnecting of SpiritMindBody.


     Emerge from a confidential individual or group session  Unapologetically Fearless, Focused and Determined with the ability to courageously explore and listen to the beat of you own D.R.U.M

Discover your inner voice

Reclaim your divine power

Unleash you innate imagination and creativity

Manifest your true purpose

I offer individual coaching to a select handful of serious highly motivated Aboriginal Indigenous / 

Afrikans-in-the-Diaspora people who are ready to invest in their personal development, including:  

  •  Unapologetically Fearless, Focused and Determined --Ancient and Kitchen Table Wisdom

                  6-Month Individual Coaching Package

  •  Ready to be UFFD  and FREE  VIP Day or VIP Weekend

Let’s briefly explore your vision and strategize about how to help you get from where you are to where you want to go then decide whether any of these options are right for you.  


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