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   In addition to being a published author, I love  write. With the help of Otu Kwaku, and the Ujima Press Real Communication crew,  I  have worked with a wide variety of clients for whom I have co-authored books, consulted, edited, and written Internet, magazine and newspaper articles.

Mama Time: Queen Warriors and the Mothers Who Reared Them.

Akosua Ali-Sabree and

Otu Kwaku (EDS)

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Mama Time: Queen Warriors and the Mothers Who Reared Them is a moving collection of essays, poems, and letters about the relationships, values and ancient legacy of Aboriginal Indigenous/Afrikans-in-the-Diaspora mothers and daughters. This captivating, international, and inter generational anthology is in remembrance of the strong mothers, who had/have a positive influence on their daughters, families, and communities.

According to Mama Marimba Ani "And what is revealed in this book is that nothing that we have said is merely “theoretical.” MaMa Time makes it Real. In her way of healing wisdom, MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree has provided a sacred space for us, Afrikan mothers and daughters, to say these words of power to each other. MaMa Time is an intimate space,  a space for the sharing of love, and pain, of sorrow and understanding, of growth and triumph. This book is a Ritual of celebration. In these pages, some of us speak aloud of love to Ancestral Mothers, in words that we did not say before they became Ancestors. Others have taken this opportunity to honor and thank their Mothers while they are still here to hold and to touch. MaMa Time is sacred conversation, and, as such, it is healing.


Emancipating Your Spirit is a guidebook that can be used by anybody. However, it is targeted toward women in various roles such as homemakers, professionals, young women and adolescent girls.  It can be used privately or in a group.  It is designed to aid personal growth and liberation.  It stimulates the reader’s appetite, encourages thinking, arouses passion and promotes self-study.  It can be easy for us to see the good in others, but we may fail to see the good and inner beauty in ourselves.  This book helps readers to identify good qualities in themselves.  We must love ourselves and be our own best friend.  Women tend to spend a lot of time outside of themselves.  We can get so busy at work, in the community, with friends and family, etc.  Dr. Ali-Sabree encourages us to stop giving only lip service to our own well-being.  We need to take time for ourselves. 

A Wholistic Guide: How to Enjoy Peace, Joy, Abundance, and a Simple Life presents an opportunity to experience the interesting energy . Contained on these pages, are insights that awaken the awareness that every  decision is a choice and that you really do possess the power and the tools to make the choice to live well . This book not only suggests living a  joyous and simple life,  but it also offers vivid examples to demonstrate the benefits of simplifying one’s life. The short stories of people who made the decision to just stop and examine their lives and choose to simplify their lives provide hope, and also they spark that I-can-do-it fire! 

Hair Piecez: The Anthology is a collection of thoughtful, inspiring, and power packed verses. This book is revealing, funny, and on time! It is a wonderful example of original poetry, short stories, interviews, and beautiful artwork and photographs. The combined writings of selected artists from across the country make for interesting and mind opening reading that will touch your heart, tickle your funny bone, and stir fond and curious memories. This anthology provides reflection and truth in such a soulful way. The anthology illustrates the significant role that our "natural-when-born" hair plays in shaping our individual and collective consciousness from birth to death and in between, especially in our quest for psychic liberation and self-realization.

The editors have worked diligently to present a wholistic view of our natural hair experience and to make Hair Piecez a worthy commemorative publication celebrating the more than ten years of the Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Expo.

We Surrender is more than a tender poetry book.  It is a rhythmic combination of subtle mind joggers, of fond memories, of vivid calls to action, of ancestral remembrances, of joy, of passion, of witty call and response, and of personal visions shared in love. The words reflect the experiences, thoughts, and perspicacity of the mother-daughter team known as Seasons of the Mind: Akosua & Sakinah Ali-Sabree. This soulful book, full of positive inspiration also includes a reflection guide and gentle reminders of how Divine each reader truly is.

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